Saturday, 28 November 2009

Things will never go as what it seems

Have you ever had someone who you love so much that you would do anything for them? What if things change unexpectedly? Would you want to change it back?

So many things have gone up and down like a roller coaster in my life, for the past 3 years I have seen joy and pain of other and my own. Laughter and tears all at the same time, I was there to see it and hear it. Laughter wherever I go with my heart jumping around up and down and heartbeat so fast I could feel my excitement happens most of my everyday life. But when changes happens and the victim was me, I couldn't help but feel just like a heavy rainfall with thunder clapping next to me. My mind was filled with such rage that all I could think of was how to get back at them, such mind that was contaminated with hatred.

What am I? I'm not that pretty girl next door or some popular chick who goes to every club every weekends and get what they wanted every time, I'm just a girl trying to get a normal life and be happy for it but it seems that normal life has a for like being a popular girl. Every girl has their bitchy moments, mine happens when I'm alone so nobody would be able to see and my bitchy moments doesn't affect anyone directly. I do believe the saying "what goes around comes back around"although I don't do it by my own hands, i let time flies and see it happens to whoever have had hurt me in the past though letting go the feeling at the first place before let time decides is already a hard thing to do. Right now I stand with other people who are so much more mature than I am, starting from now I want to follow them, be friends with them and learn what I couldn't learn from the past and start to look in to the future. A butterfly can learn how to flap their wings when they just got out from their cocoon. When things get into my mind all I have to think is that I am independent, I can get new friends and I do things for my life with my heart. :)