Tuesday, 14 September 2010

"whats a friendship?" - jawbreaker

making new friends is something that I always love to do, socialize and get to know more people.
although, what if the time when one of you has to go away and may not have a chance to see each other again?
who would be hurt more? the person who leaves or the person who got left behind?
what if they get new friends and gets too busy to talk to you?
how many times would you get hurt by get left by a friend and watch them as they grow up with new people around them?
would make new friends worth as much as losing them someday? soon or later, you know they will have to travel somewhere far...

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Dance for me? I'll dance on you!

I've always loved the ballerina looks! those pretty flats and frilly tutus!
what makes it better is that most tutus are high waist and since I'm the kind of person who has a body type that suits high waist skirts, well lets just say I can't get enough of pretty skirts!

~The lace ballerina~

~the ballerina bride~

I have been a ballerina when I was younger, although that wasn't something I was good at, but it didn't stop me from continuing to dance! I love dancing! dancing is my passion! dancing is part of my life!
Its a release, a touch of softness and anger, its a mix if a whole lot of emotions!
and I can do them in skirt <3

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The blues.. the jeans.. dayum!

Denims are (from what my mum said) the IT thing where I live, I don't love it but I dont hate it either, although they do look good on me! :)

Evening look
tank top by zara
pencil skirt by sisley
belt by versace
jacket by moocha
shoes by aldo

Day look
jacket by moto
skirt by rock and republic
tank top by (x)s,m,l
shoes by aldo

They truly are comfy and stylish but I still don't love them... yet :P
When I was young I've always hated denim clothings, because they were itchy and it gets too hot too wear but now I guess its oukay if I dont wear a whole bunch of them! :)

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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

petite doesn't mean bad! :)

I have been short for all my life and yes sometimes it sucks!
Although I can fit in everything my mum has in her closet, from top to bottom! We also have pretty much the same taste for style! :)

Here's a look of the day where most of the things I wore are my mums'

My mum and I have a petite body, I can even say we are like cats, we seem fat and/or chubby but we fit in small clothes :p
My friends even say I have her body :P

So all those things in the picture are owned by mymum except the jeans and bolero haha
but really there's not much mother and daughter who would fit in the same shoes, although I only fit some of her shoes like peep toes or open toed, I couldn't fit in her closed toe pumps or anything closed in the front, which is a little annoying sometimes because she has the nicest pumps! :(

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Fashion Changes... Style is FOREVER!

I've been growing up with someone who has always been a fashionable person!
My style has always been girly, no matter what fashion trend is on, I still want to make a statement of my own of what I am!

I wasn't really chain boots lover, haha scratch that I never even liked chain or boots, but this time I put both words together and I'm in love with it! The heels may be thick but it is still very high - 10 cms without platforms :O

I never liked Bangles as much as I do now, to me it was too complicated to wear and too scared if it would fall off my wrist, but now I see how pretty they are and pretty much in love with them. I still can love those huge chunky ones tho, I only like the thin ones and you put them all together into a whole loads of chunk of it! Like they say "Less is more" :)

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One Season Only!

I wore my clothes for several different reasons; whether it is comfortable to be worn or that it is the trend look.

This one below looks very sporty and vintage meets modern kinda thing. Although this trend wouldn't really last long, which means it's only a one season look thing! Also this particular look wouldn't suit many occasions, the one occasion I could think of that would suit is dance battle, because it is very urban and street! So I wouldn't wear it too many times even though it looks pretty awesome! :P

This next look is also another one-season-only look, that big/butterfly arms/huge looking shirts or tshirts. I have to say if the knitting (quality) is good, then when worn it would look good, unfortunately not all body types can suit this kind of look, before you buy something like this you really need to try it on and see whether it looks good on you or not, otherwise it'd be a waste!
This kind of tops can be worn with anything; high waist belt, highwaist skirt/shorts/pants, hipster belt or normal hipster shorts/skirts. Again it depends of the look of the top!

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Sunday, 8 August 2010

BALI... is love

Bali trips has always been a different experience each time I come around there.
Round 4 was certainly another great Bali fun! :D
Everyone has their own wants and/or needs when they visit Bali, well I got my own list of what Bali is to me!

1. the Beach
OF COURSE! who wouldn't!
beaches thats filled with hot caucasian guys running and surfing, catching on each others eyes, stare and then look away when they caught the look! Although its not only the guys, its all about the waves, the wind, learning to surf - yes I have finally learnt to surf and it was AWESOME!

2. temporary tattoos
everytime I come down to double6 beach the thing that I love the most is that the seats are cheap unlike kuta beach :( and the sand are much softer than kuta and they have the cheapest offering for tattoos! hahah well I can't resist them, I love tattoos, and its holidays so it doesnt hurt to get one or two hahah :P
everytime I come to Bali I always try to have one that i've never had before.

3. shops/shopping!
well I love those bali dresses and how some shops in bali are not sale or not available in jtown, but ofcourse we still love those huge mirrors in the changing room with good lightings for pictures, unfortunately not all clothes can be bought coz I was broke lol

4. yummy food and exotic drinks!
when I go to Bali my stomach has its own needs, melted chocolate soufflé, spaghetti vongole, black bitch (a non alcohol version of mojito).
these are the best 3 things that I love about Bali, all off them are from Rosso Vivo - well you can get them all in other places except black bitch :P

5. night life!
well bounty may have cage and cheaper things, but nothing beats SKY GARDEN/OCEAN BEACH CLUB!
they are heaven! it is a literally VIP club, the owner doesnt allow much locals in, and well lets just say I have connections to the club ;) they got good music, good space and GREAT alcohols! hahah

pictures are a must in Bali! pictures with all your clothes, wherever you are and whenever!
make stupid face! funny faces! modely faces! :P
and what should you wear when you take pictures especially at the beach? SUNNIES! sunnies that will make the flash of the camera and the sun collides together! :D

7. last but not least FUN!
not just Bali, any traveling to any places are so much better when you take your close friend(s), it makes it more fun and memories by the end of the trip would be priceless!

So, basically in the end, even though you don't have all those 6 of the list, the most important is numero 7!
because nothing beats the fun of having your friends with you! and so far, out of the 4 rounds of bali trip with friends, these two girls are the funnest ive been with while in Bali...
we were single while at it and LOVING IT!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

I LOVE SHOES.... thats not a crime!

When I was younger, my sense of fashion is not as high as now.
I've always hate the fact that when you grow up sometimes you have to put on some make up to show formalities for special occasions, and on top of that you have to wear high heels as well.
I never mind clothes, because I love clothes since I was young, I used to draw my dream clothes, starts from top to bottom - literally! 
That was TEN YEARS ago.

3 and a half years ago I started wearing heels for my 1st prom night and my shoes was... DOLCE and GABBANA! 
Detail: T-line, Black Swarovski crystals, 10 cm high, no platforms.
Although I walked those heels as if it was my first time on heels, well it was but on the prom night I pulled it off :)

2 years ago I started going out more and seeing more heels as I go around the mall, starting to actually appreciate how pretty they are. So until now I always have a dream of what kind of heels I want and recently I just got the prettiest and closest copy of Christian Louboutins Sparkly Silver Pumps

Detail: Silver/White sparkly, 10cms tall.

So there were two choices of this shoes, either silver or black, I asked the staff who was getting both colors of which color is better, she said black matches everything, however silver sparks in a cooler way than black, you just need a matching bag. So I though I do have a matching bag...
This was bought by my mum in england with me for my birthday present - isn't it the most glamorous thing you've ever seen! :D
So I got the silver instead the black, then again I though I love how I can wear something so casual and not flashy and then bang it up with unique shoes!
Style it up with some shoes - Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the city the movie
As a stylist to myself, I like to keep it less to make it more, meaning I love using only one color and then wear one piece of clothes or accessory that is a different color to contrast everything else.

Now, I'm still looking for my other shoes that I want. 
The list goes on, the number of colors I was is every colors but right now I can only get either black or silver, because those two colors can match any other colors.
I just love anything Cork wrapped or known as Gladiators, slim stilettos, sexy wedges that is always comfy to wear, peep-toe platforms and of course they all must be at least 9 cm tall! I'm a short girl and I love it because I have a really good reason to wear extremely high heels.
L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefanie

Christian Louboutin

Dolce Gabbana

Christian Louboutin


Saturday, 17 July 2010

Summer without love? NO PROBLEM! :D

I went to pim with my very good friend K.C for the second time, and it was awesome! 
1st of all its summer and I feel the summer style so this I put on one of my fave summer dress for the hangout!

That day was really fun! We went looking at shops, which we didnt do on the previous hangout and we watched Despicable Me on 3D :D

I didn't watch eclipse because I didnt really want to, its summer, i know, it means its the time where you look for summer love or summer fling. well to me those things really doesnt matter anymore, what matters to me is the fun i have on this summer :)
and i did, I may not go out as much as always on every summer holidays but when I do it is really great, both day and night.

This got me thinking about love and summer, I was meant to dedicate this to someone I used to love but I didnt, I thought I'd be bored to death, and to be honest i'm glad that it didnt happen because now i got more friends and it is so much more fun! :)

I dont need a boy to make my day! 
all I need is my friends! :)

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So, whats wrong with having more guys friends?!

Friday night always have been a night where I hangout with girls, but that was a year or 2 years ago. Most of the girls who I can trust to go out with me are either gone from Jkt or they are not the kind of girls who goes out on friday nights.
All my life I have mixed gender friends, not just friends but great friends who I can trust, since I was in junior high i've always been hangout with guys more than girls, actually to be honest I have more good friends that are guys than girls.

well since I was about to hangout with guys so I decided to put on black and grey, but I style it up with my guess studded stilettos! :D

Fine, call me a slut! but im not! I don't click to most girls because either their personality doesn't click or the conversation that they make is too boring FOR ME!

So friday night I was with NZIS guys, and it was AWESOME! they are so cool and fun to be with, because all they do is joke around rather than gossiping n making rumours :S
that night it made me realize how much I love having guy friends but it doesn't mean i don't have girlfriends! so I remembered how in BIS I used to have more guy friends than girls in my gang, apparently there were atleast 20 in the gang, 4 girls were my close friends, 7 guys were my close friends and the rest are normal friends. 

Now a days I heard from some people how they judge a girl from hanging out with more guys than girls! oukay so maybe she is flirtier than me, I don't flirt to any guys unless I have interest on them (which does not happen often) or the guy is my boyfriend, but does that makes it fair to judge her just because she does those things? to think about it no one doesn't even know her.

after hanging out with these guys I thought that summer can be fun without love, I dont need one boy or a man to complete me, I complete myself happily!

then again if there is someone in the future, well lets just see if we're meant to be, if not then it means its either we're just better off as friends or that the guy is a complete *ss h*l* :D 

I mean seriously, so if these people see me with my guy friends, I suppose they'll think i'm a slut as well?!?!?!
well All I know it just means that these people have got no cool friends like I do! :D

Another thing that makes me annoyed is that if anyone sees me hanging out with one guy and it seems that we are having fun, why does some people just have a thought that we're dating? so if I Hangout with a guy i'm dating them? how guys would I be dating then if that is the case?
really, some people need to get a grip and think twice before they make an assumption! :S

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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

My little baby sis-STAR!

Today is her birthday, so happy 15th birthday, I wish I was there with you but I hope you had a great day!

So she is my little sisstar coz she is my little sister and she is like a rock star :)
I miss her like so FREAKING much, she better not have a better sister like me in bali otherwise she's dead! XD
nobody mess with her coz i'm the only one who can mess around with her!

I've known her for over a year and a half now, and I could say we had LOADS of things together, from trips to sleepovers :) she is the coolest young sister i've ever had and the coolest young girl i've ever met hahah! well for a young un' she's basically me...just younger hahah.
I love her style! I love her attitude (sometimes lol)! I just love her to little bits and pieces (I don't know if that makes sense, who cares!)
words can't describe how great she is! she is greater than great, any guys who would pass up on her are MISSING OUT ON something they will never get or experience from any other girls (even though that can sound wrong but yeah lol)

I <3 Chelsi! this is for you lovey :)


Today was one of the nicest monday day ever haha. Well 1st of all I put on some chic clothes on me that compliments my waist :P

so... why did I have to put on such nice clothes? well I wouldn't call it a date, but I wouldn't call it a casual hangout either. It was something in the middle!
Anyways it was monday and the whole day turned out great. Met with my friend who i've know for 3 years now? hhahah. Watched "Knight and Day" and there were moments where I realize why I always fall for bad boys, because one they're utter fun, two they love challenge and three well they're just bad - in a good way haha.
and at the end of the day I was called "beautiful" which made my day :)

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Friday, 9 July 2010

the comeback

Few years ago I met someone who I thought was the most mature guy I've ever met. He was always always there when another person hurts me, but he didn't seem true or will be faithful.
After several times of the same mistake over and over again few months ago it was finally over and we haven't talked since.
Recently that person gave me a message that's says "i wanna meet you.i think of you all the time and i know i messed up..its just that i cant get you out of my head."
I'm not a bitch who doesn't forgive, but I'm definitely the girl who doesn't want to make the same mistake. This kind of thing happened with another person long time ago and I was the one who ended up getting hurt.
Although everyone in this world is different but after what I've been through with a whole bunch of guys, they have all acted the same way!
Even though the approach is different what would make this one different than the others?

Monday, 5 July 2010

My monday Blues! p2 - It wasn't so Blue!

Today I met one of my highschool friend, K.C and it was great because we catched up  ALOT and we basically sat and talk and talk and talk and what was funny that we saw LOADS of BISs students and teacher! o.0 lol but it was alright! 
The hangout went really great! she seemed happy and we are planning to see eachother again when we have the time, meaning soon! because once I have my ID, I WILL learn to drive and go to her place on my own! :D 
She has looonggg time until her uni so while waiting i'm going to meet up with her when my uni starts, then again her house is in between of my house and my uni so its great to know that! :D
It was great knowing how she hasn't changed her funky, cute and bubbly self. I love how she screams at something when its funny and the world can hear it HAHA! She is one of the coolest girl I know and there weren't any silent moment, it was actually hard to make silent moment with her because kept on talking and talking about stuff, from A to Z! you name it hahahaaa

just before she left we had a photobox! :)

So My monday blues were blue because she was wearing... hey I just realized she was wearing blue and I was too! hahah that rhymes! :P
and it wasn't so blue too because we were having fun :)
well I enjoyed that and hopefully she did as well! 

My monday Blues! p1 - Very blue, literally!

Well Monday is the day that MOST people in the entire world hates! Well I took the word and turn in better, so I put on my acid was blue jeans high waisted skirt with my blue/aquaish top to make monday blues real, and I sort of thinking about Alice in Wonderland, everything blue and white haha, so I finished it off with a ribbon headband :)
So, my look today was Asian Alice! :)

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Pant! Pant! Pant! - Pink and Pants!

Well we all have both guy friends and girl friends, they're both cool! although sometimes for me, I do want to be the center of attention but in a good way, meaning that I don't want to look TOO flashy ofcourse! 
On monday I was hanging out with my NZIS friends, I thought that I didn't want to look too girly but I do want to seem like I have fashion sense! 

So that was my look of the day! 
I still remember when I used to be much more goth and tomboy than this! I used to hate wearing skirts because I think they are too short and just too skanky and it's not my style! and then there was a time back about 7 years ago, I started to HATE trousers and fell in love with skirts, I never worn trousers for so long unless it was P.E, which was different lol.
Then about a year or more ago I started wearing trousers again thinking that it actually looks good on me ahahhaha, my friends also said so and so shocked when I wore trousers on mufti day (day when we dont have to wear uniforms).

I also used to hate the color PINK! hahahaha nobody believed me when I say that because I love pink now! same like the trousers problem, I used to hate pink till 7 years ago and then I forgot what came over me and then I started loving pink, maybe because theres HOT or SHOCKING pink because I don't really like baby pink or light pink or wtv they're called! lol

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I take it back! lol

So I was raiding my entire closet and found bunch of good stuff and they fit haha coz they're mostly tops that I bought what? 10 to 5 years ago and I CANNOT believe they still fit me!
What's even cooler is that the stuff that I found are the stuff i've been wanting the whole time! well that saves up alot of money :)
Actually I was trying to remember what other stuff I used to have when I wasn't into fashion much, now I remember I used to have the clothes that I WANT NOW! :'( arghhh kill me because I put all of them in the bag because they didn't fit or suit me or my taste.

I still remember how I used to HATE leopard, I didn't like the idea of wearing heels, skinny jeans and make up and my mum used to say "It's because it's not your time to like them yet! you're not at the right age to like them, someday you will love them like I do!" - and even my dad agrees on what she said and I always say "NO! Never ever ever! i'm just going to be normal"... well guess what? I grew up and changed my taste of style and now IM IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING I USED TO HATE SO MUCH! hahaha and whenever I say I love (one of the things I said to my mum that I hated) to my mum, she would have the questioned face and I would be "Hey you used to say I will love them when I grow up! guess what! I've grown up! haha and besides like mother like daughter! you love them, I must love them aswell!" haha my mum always cracks up everytime I say that because the fact that she did say that and now its backfired to her! lol

I also still remember how I never liked skinny jeans because they are itchy and uncomfy but now knowing it looks good on me, so now I understand why skinnies are AWESOME!

All these tops are very old! They are casual and cute especially with the skinny jeans!
It makes me look tall too! XD

Monday blues? more like MONDAY FUN! :)

I never knew monday can be so awesome with these guys. (unfortunately the photo is not of that day, its from another day but basically these are the people I was with and with some others lol)
Friends are not the matter of age, race, schools or even who introduced you to them. These guys are not in the same school, not the same age and not the same race but they are definitely few of the AWESOMEST people i've met!
The picture from above was about a month ago at SENCY, few days after some shit happened to me, that weekend these guys made me feel so much better than ever! :)

On yesterday on monday me and some of the people from the picture went to CITOS for billiards and after it we decided to watch karate kid which was really fun because we all made some scene at the front row haha XD
the movie was awesome and the moment was unforgettable!

monday blues turned into funday! and what was even better is that it just made my week great - well starting from the last friday hangout with my old best friend! :P

At first I didn't want to watch a movie because I didn't want to waste my money but I felt that it would be fun and these guys are awesome! and no money can buy these kind of moments and friendship anyway! :)

Saturday Night

For a month, I haven't quite having much fun in the holidays. All I do is play games, watch tv, cook, more movies and sleep late. To be honest, that isn't really who I am! I'm an outdoorsy kinda girl who loves adventures and wants to try new things. "Life is short, enjoy it while you can!
last weekend after nothing to do on weekends, I spent my Saturday day and night with my UNI friends, they're awesome and pretty cool, I saw what I didn't see from them before and hope they saw who I REALLY AM now :)
I'm not the type of person who would sit around and do nothing, mourns about how lonely life is when I can be out there looking for new friends, yes losing friends is part of the life cycle but it's not a crime to find new ones and keep the old ones!
I used to be friends with mostly people who are in my class, but some of these people aren't even in my faculty, so it was cool knowing that I can actually have friends like that! :)

I gotta be honest, before I went for dinner with these guys I thought that I had to go home, but I thought again and said to myself "It's a chance! why do you want to pass up friends?" so I went to dinner with them and it completes my night thanks to them! :)