Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Pant! Pant! Pant! - Pink and Pants!

Well we all have both guy friends and girl friends, they're both cool! although sometimes for me, I do want to be the center of attention but in a good way, meaning that I don't want to look TOO flashy ofcourse! 
On monday I was hanging out with my NZIS friends, I thought that I didn't want to look too girly but I do want to seem like I have fashion sense! 

So that was my look of the day! 
I still remember when I used to be much more goth and tomboy than this! I used to hate wearing skirts because I think they are too short and just too skanky and it's not my style! and then there was a time back about 7 years ago, I started to HATE trousers and fell in love with skirts, I never worn trousers for so long unless it was P.E, which was different lol.
Then about a year or more ago I started wearing trousers again thinking that it actually looks good on me ahahhaha, my friends also said so and so shocked when I wore trousers on mufti day (day when we dont have to wear uniforms).

I also used to hate the color PINK! hahahaha nobody believed me when I say that because I love pink now! same like the trousers problem, I used to hate pink till 7 years ago and then I forgot what came over me and then I started loving pink, maybe because theres HOT or SHOCKING pink because I don't really like baby pink or light pink or wtv they're called! lol

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I take it back! lol

So I was raiding my entire closet and found bunch of good stuff and they fit haha coz they're mostly tops that I bought what? 10 to 5 years ago and I CANNOT believe they still fit me!
What's even cooler is that the stuff that I found are the stuff i've been wanting the whole time! well that saves up alot of money :)
Actually I was trying to remember what other stuff I used to have when I wasn't into fashion much, now I remember I used to have the clothes that I WANT NOW! :'( arghhh kill me because I put all of them in the bag because they didn't fit or suit me or my taste.

I still remember how I used to HATE leopard, I didn't like the idea of wearing heels, skinny jeans and make up and my mum used to say "It's because it's not your time to like them yet! you're not at the right age to like them, someday you will love them like I do!" - and even my dad agrees on what she said and I always say "NO! Never ever ever! i'm just going to be normal"... well guess what? I grew up and changed my taste of style and now IM IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING I USED TO HATE SO MUCH! hahaha and whenever I say I love (one of the things I said to my mum that I hated) to my mum, she would have the questioned face and I would be "Hey you used to say I will love them when I grow up! guess what! I've grown up! haha and besides like mother like daughter! you love them, I must love them aswell!" haha my mum always cracks up everytime I say that because the fact that she did say that and now its backfired to her! lol

I also still remember how I never liked skinny jeans because they are itchy and uncomfy but now knowing it looks good on me, so now I understand why skinnies are AWESOME!

All these tops are very old! They are casual and cute especially with the skinny jeans!
It makes me look tall too! XD

Monday blues? more like MONDAY FUN! :)

I never knew monday can be so awesome with these guys. (unfortunately the photo is not of that day, its from another day but basically these are the people I was with and with some others lol)
Friends are not the matter of age, race, schools or even who introduced you to them. These guys are not in the same school, not the same age and not the same race but they are definitely few of the AWESOMEST people i've met!
The picture from above was about a month ago at SENCY, few days after some shit happened to me, that weekend these guys made me feel so much better than ever! :)

On yesterday on monday me and some of the people from the picture went to CITOS for billiards and after it we decided to watch karate kid which was really fun because we all made some scene at the front row haha XD
the movie was awesome and the moment was unforgettable!

monday blues turned into funday! and what was even better is that it just made my week great - well starting from the last friday hangout with my old best friend! :P

At first I didn't want to watch a movie because I didn't want to waste my money but I felt that it would be fun and these guys are awesome! and no money can buy these kind of moments and friendship anyway! :)

Saturday Night

For a month, I haven't quite having much fun in the holidays. All I do is play games, watch tv, cook, more movies and sleep late. To be honest, that isn't really who I am! I'm an outdoorsy kinda girl who loves adventures and wants to try new things. "Life is short, enjoy it while you can!
last weekend after nothing to do on weekends, I spent my Saturday day and night with my UNI friends, they're awesome and pretty cool, I saw what I didn't see from them before and hope they saw who I REALLY AM now :)
I'm not the type of person who would sit around and do nothing, mourns about how lonely life is when I can be out there looking for new friends, yes losing friends is part of the life cycle but it's not a crime to find new ones and keep the old ones!
I used to be friends with mostly people who are in my class, but some of these people aren't even in my faculty, so it was cool knowing that I can actually have friends like that! :)

I gotta be honest, before I went for dinner with these guys I thought that I had to go home, but I thought again and said to myself "It's a chance! why do you want to pass up friends?" so I went to dinner with them and it completes my night thanks to them! :)


Usually I spend my friday night drinking and shisha with my friends, but it's different this time! This is my best friend since highschool Irene W. and we are the only two girls who have been friends for that long! our junior highschool has no highschool so we had to find other ways to keep in touch till now - sleepovers, phonecalls and fb (friendster before it lol). 
Not only that we both are mature and understand each other, none of her new friends can understand her as much and I felt so special knowing that it's hard to find friends who can clicks to her!
So we hang out on friday at PIM and it was really good! we had good talk and good catching up on everything, which makes me so excited on my junior high 04 reunion!
but it was nice that I can see her without the others, gives more privacy and time for us girls only.
She made a terrific start of the weekend, thats for sure! :)

Chaos Theory - A Story!

Sometimes you just wish that you could just turn back time and redo the mistakes that you have done, but sometimes what we don't think about is how those mistake made us stronger and wiser on decision making and life it self!

Although this doesn't make it oukay for us to make DUMB mistakes in our life and destroy ourselves for the rest of our life just because there is a saying "There's a 1st time for everything", that is true, but sometimes we can avoid them by knowing it beforehand!

I will tell a story about a young girl who made a mistake and completely letting herself down after. 


She is only a teenager, and as we know it all teenagers - especially international ones, are most likely LOVES to go out and have fun! Unfortunately she doesn't have a limit of her "fun". Influences in International connection is very strong, so she started to drink and go out every night on the weekends.
She used to wear shorts that goes to your knee or skirt and long sleeved top or tank top but covered with cardigan, she always asks whether she should wear a short skirt and a tank top without cardigan and if her friend(s) says yes, she would disagree and wear the cardigan to cover her self.
She used to hate the taste of beer and strong liquer that she ends up buying sprite or share an alcoholic drink with her friend.
She used to hate the smoke up in her face and the after-taste of smoking.
She used to hate people who does drugs.
She used to hate how people only lives up for popularity and be called hot when they are not and just nothing but bunch of sluts!

One day the girl got lucky and hit jackpot where she found an advantage of getting more guys, more friends and more popularity by showing more cleavage or skin and wear high heels. Now she hooks up, drinks, shows off cleavage, trying to be friends with the popular people, smoking up to peoples face, starts to do drugs and leaves her own bestfriend(s) for new friends who may not be as true as her old friend(s).

When she is down and upset, she runs back to her old friend(s), because party people are not so much of real friend(s) - i'm not saying that there are none, but there is only one in a million. Although when her friend(s) are giving good suggestions, she looks away, walks away and not taking anything from the suggestions, and all she says to her friend(s) is something like "you're wrong!" or "You don't know! you're not me (or her or him)!", she doesn't want to accept the real facts, she only wants to hear what she WANTS to hear. 
That's when she runs back to her party friends where they will say what she wants to hear - that's not good!

What's worse is that none of her parent(s) knows about her night life and or party life with the wrong people who influenced her. 
Now she is emotionally negative, mentally negative and her life is nothing but NEGATIVE!
Everyone thinks that she is nothing but a slut, a druggie, alcoholic, she even being called not a virgin, well other things you name them! She has no REAL friend(s) anymore from the actions she has chosen to do, all her friends - party friends and her real friend(s) doesn't want to be with her and none misses her

One day her parent(s) found out the things that she has done and decides to move away (school, home, country, whatever) just to make her "clean" from all the sh*t she has done.
Now everyday she complains and mourns about how she has no friends back home or at her new place, she complains how everything doesn't go how she wants them to be, she mourns how she misses how everything used to be and she is nothing but lonely without anyone who wants her...

So, that was the story of the girl who lost everything from HER OWN actions. She can't retrieve back her old friend(s) without doubts in their hearts, she has to show and work her ass off to put the trust back onto her parent(s) heart before she can have back her freedom and she has to start all over again when she could have work it less.

So the lesson here is that you can make small mistakes, because you learn from them and make you better, but when you already know the consequences and that it is too risky and that it would harm you for the rest of your life, think twice and long before anything bad happens!

"Like a butterfly flaps its wings, it could change change everything" - Chaos theory

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Am I a School girl or a Uni girl?

Today I received my clothes that I bought online for the 1st time, I haven't post all of them up but I will soon or later lol. Though here is one of the things that I bought! :)

Sometimes I still wonder whether I belong with highschool or University?
I guess highschool will always stays in my blood, because it was such a huge part of my life and it was a rollercoaster of experiences! I had friends that beat the personality of other people on this world but it was a fairy tale for me, University is some reality check of how everything is not as easy as it looks or as it sounds.
Most of my friends are highschoolers but I like the people in my University, not all but some :P

So that was todays style and todays mind sharing! :)

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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Mommy is the best!

Today I was searching through my moms closet just to see whether I find anything that I like and fits me, so I did-ish :)

Leopard Lover!
Well what can I say I love the leopard print :P although what i'm wearing here aren't my mums although she bought it for me! :)

Nothing combines better than black and white! Both colors are very calm and subtle, accessorizing it was the best way to make a usual look from blending in to crowds attention! :)
The skirt is my mums haha, it's not supposed to be high waist but I made it so with the belt so it stayed and looked like it's High waist :)

"I ain't a doll"
well it's hard to say this doesn't look dolly, yes I love the things that makes me dolly because I guess my face just completes it, the bad thing about having dolly face is that it's hard to get in into clubs :P
Again, this dress and belt were bought by mymum :) she knows her daughter's style, DUH her style is my style!

So yes My mum has the same style as I do and her skirt size is only 2 numbers different than mine only because I have bigger bottocks -.- 
and her feet size is only half difference, that's why I can fit into her shoes that are open toed or Peep toed ones :)

So that's todays style, more tomorrow! 
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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Colors and Shapes

A little peek of todays look is a ballerina look :)
I was once a goth kind of girl that's why half of my closet are mostly black colored clothes and the rest are other colors. I love black because it matches with just about EVERYTHING and its a very subtle and calming color, so yes black is pretty much my favourite color, Pink would be the second:)
I'm much of a girly girl than a tomboy kind of girl, whatever I wear will ALWAYS make me look girly whether I am wearing a punk rock style or any goths or emos or even those sporty kinda things. 2 of my friends told me because its the shape of my body? really? can body shapes or types effects what you wear and what you'll look like? I still remember C* was talking about she has a rectangle or straight body shape and I got the Triangle or Pear body shape... >.< 

Anyways thats all for today! 
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Monday, 7 June 2010

Being a girl...

First of all,  I love being a girl! 
There are millions of reasons to say why, so I'm going to mention my top 5 reasons why it's good being a girl!

1. Emotions
Unlike most guys, girls can express whats on their minds to their girlfriends and even their guyfriends (friends who are not the boyfriend). Boys on the other hand, if they look sad and soppy and all emotional in front of their boys, they'd slightly think that he's gay (not in a homo way), even me as a girl if i see my guyfriends gets all sad and too loveyy-dovey, all I think of is how weak and pathetic they are! 
2. Fashion!
Girls can have lots of varied style of fashion, from tomboy to punk. We can wear cargo jeans, swear pants, boardies, and even sometimes tux (thanks to Carrie from Sex and the City 2). Boys on the other hand CANNOT wear skirt(unless they're scots and wear a KILT! NOT A SKIRT!) and sometimes they are terrified to wear PINK! I'm sorry to say but yes sometimes it does make a guy seems gay. Punk boys wear eyeliner and skinny jeans, oukay still acceptable.

3. Cliche movies!
I found out that some guys CAN cry during a sad scene of a movie, BUT they are too embarresed to show it to his friends (both boys and girls). For example,  Hachiko  and marley and me, i've heard some of my guyfriends have actually watched them and cried. In the cinema I don't really care if I cry, it just means that the movie is really good! :)

4. (name of the room) rooms!
I've been to the boys changing room, boys locker room, boys toilet and their bed rooms. Most of them smells like either sweat or just something un-clean, all the girls know what I'm talking about, its the smell when you walk in their rooms. Girls' rooms mostly smells like perfume or floral scent whether it is messy or not.
5. Shopping!
Shopping is also another huge part of my life and I LOVE SHOPPING SO MUCH! Girls can shop for themselves and with their moms, friends and sisters or cousins. Boys would rather die than go shopping, i've seen boys' face while shopping with their girlfriends, it's either terrified or that face that says "please kill me now!" and even when they are shopping for themselves they'd rather shop with their mom because she is the one who carries the money whereas boys don't always bring their cash while out.

Oukay so there are things that SOMETIMES I hate being a girl.
1. Labels
Most girls are known and called by lots of nicknames even before people get to know the girl.  Some girls may be a slut but it doesn't mean that she is a bitch. Girls may act clingy or paranoid because of their sense of care. Girls may look like as if she is a slut and so be labeled as NOT A VIRGIN.

It's that time of the month where MOST girls hate, the pain causes them to have huge emotional effect which then makes her friends stays away.

3. Virginity (this isn't really my problem but it is annoying)
When a couple is about to have sex, boys CAN tell whether they are a virgin or not (well unless you have been doing some hardcore sports like gymnastics and horse riding, even so it's hard to make them believe you) because of the broken hymen, whereas girls CANNOT tell the difference if a guy is a virgin or not because their skin is the same and everything is the same unless if your eyes are SCIENTIFICALLY good with differentiating skin colors.

4. Expectations
Sometimes highschool boys tend to underestimate girls on mostly everything! When I ask ooh what game are you playing and they would be like oh its a game you won't know and I asked again and if I know it they would be like oh really you can play? in my head I would actually slap them lol. This also goes to sports and even class subjects.
5. Relationship!
Sometimes guys' wants are more than girls', like don't be with another guy, don't wear those, don't eat them, Don't this! Don't that! oukay sometimes to say don't and reject something is oukay because it's also for our good but too many times it's not acceptable! and sometimes if we don't do what they want, we get the blame?!?!? and its not the boys' fault if its vice versa.

So there are MANY other things but yeah i'm pretty much PROUD TO BE A GIRL! :)