Friday, 9 April 2010

Brand new day

About 10 months ago I was as fragile as a thin piece of glass, I cry to most things that aren't worth crying, even my best friend had to slap my face, shout and yell at me telling me how stupid I am to cry for those things.

About 6 months ago I lost another best friend of mine who is now head over heels. nevertheless as a friend of his, all I can do is just to support even though I don't approve them but it is not my place to. Since then I have become that girl I never wanted to be - the girl who goes out for drinks with her girls and get a guy to hook up with. There have been so many flings since then but none are worth being called a boyfriend more like a flirty fling and nothing more than that.

About 4 months ago I grew my rebel side of me who have been banging on the door of my heart wanting to get out, I became more "in your face" with attitude and straight forward. Although I keep my manners and politeness at the same time so it doesn't go out of control.

About 2 months ago I started to befriend with new people I met at splash, I know I don't have much time with some of them knowing that they are leaving the country, but there is no late on making new friends, you will never know when will you ever see them again and what would happen then!

About a month ago I met a boy who I though just another flirty, tall, tanned flirt. The only thoughts that went inside my head was that "who cares? when we're bored of each other i'll find a new one!". Although it wasn't just another fling, it was something different, we never actually flirt or plan to hook up, but we've been talking about our interests and everything else but flirt. When we find out that we like each other it made me think "I can't believe I can actually fall for someone for real now!"

"I don't need a parachute, baby if i've got you. You're gonna catch me, if I fall... Down" 
parachute - cheryl cole