Thursday, 28 January 2010

Dont just say it.. do something about it!

My dad always used to say "NATO - No Action Talk Only"
I think he's right! when you want something so badly you can plan them in your head and tell your friends and family about it, those are easy to do. The hardest thing to do is to actually do it, make it real, achieve it! All your life you have either been in a black hole or heaven on earth, those things will not last forever.

If you have been in a black hole then start do something about it don't moan, don't cry, don't complain and don't be pessimist about it! everyone have unique talents and skills that some may not have, which you can use to do something about it! do something that you'd enjoy! who cares if people don't like you for it? they might be jealous that you are better than them! Everyone is an alien to themselves and to where they are. There are times where I feel I don't fit it because maybe I look different, I dress different, act, speak, talk, accent, language... everything is different! sometimes I don't even feel like where i've come from. no body in this world is alone unless you make your self lonely! if you think that you're alone then your mind tells you that you're a loner and it makes you a loner! if you say to yourself that you can do it and you can get it, then you'll have the strength to make dreams real!
stop dreaming and start trying!

If you have been living in heaven on earth, well that's good for you! It may last forever or it may not. if it does last forever, would it really make you proud of yourself? it's your inheritance but not your own outcome with your own sweat and tears is it? from all that inheritance, why don't you make more of it that comes from yourself? that way your wealth will never shrunk!

rich and the poor maybe different but soul and heart  will always be the same. Everyone have wants and need, greed and self-esteem, pride and joy, anger, happiness and sadness, loss, grieve, and gain, experience, rejections and awards..

in this real world everyone is the same, they're just covered by how they look...

there is no such thing as perfection...

The world is unfair, not circle, wrong and full of shit!

If anyone thinks that their life is perfect, then they are wrong and something must be wrong behind it! No one is perfect! Nothing is perfect! There has to be something wrong in your life!
You can have the perfect moment of your life where it maybe something you enjoys but it does not last forever although those little moments of your life are the things you should enjoy!
No one can be perfect for you only because you over look at their bad sides, although that isn't a good thing as well.

Perfect is just a word that you use to describe when you are liking what you see or what you get or what you do, but maybe to others it is not perfect at all just plain nice or average.

If life is perfect or too perfect you'd get so bored that you wish it can all turn around so you can start again to achieve the perfection you used to have.

Perfection is nothing but a slow murder...

your loss!

she is the bitchiest, skankiest, sluttiest, most manipulative, bad influence person I have ever met!
I can never forgive her for what she has done to one of my best friends... she has destroyed him from mind to heart!
I can only forgive her when she lets him go!

He is the worse friend I have ever had! Hurts me only to be happy with his little bitchy girlfriend who he only have met 3 months ago!
Choosing her over me is the biggest mistake and when the time comes when he is hurt... I don't think I'd be there for him, not because I would be happy but because I don't feel like I could trust him anymore...

At the same time...

after you find yourself in the worse situation, there will be people who comes closer to you and further from you. The ones who comes closer are your real friends and the ones who goes further are just people who would hurt you...
For me... I still have friends who would still listens to me even though they are far away... and some who are still here with me :)
They are all girls because they are the best ones at knowing me better...

She is my blood cousin, her birthday is a week before mine at christmas!
She always tries to cheer me up even though she's in yogya having her own life!

She is my twin sister from another mother! Scorpio + Capricorn = TSF (twin sisters forever!)
She always know how to make me laugh even though she is far in England :)

She is one of my very best friend, like a mom too because she has been really wise to me.
She's been there for me when I didn't have anyone else to turn to, until now even though she is in Malay :)

She is my little sister with a mature mind and heart (sometimes :P)
We have the same mind and very loyal to me! So glad that she is still here with me :)

She is one of my best friends who I love and miss so much because she is in England!
She makes me laugh and knows when she can be serious too :)

She is also my very best friend who knows how to be positive!
She has been there for me when I needed her the most even though we haven't seen each other for a while :)

Friends can fade by true friends stays forever!