Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Murder In The Dark...

Murder In The Dark...

My very 1st actual photo shoot by Grafy Mitchell with a standard camera <3

The idea came about since things started to change in the past two weeks, its complicated but it has been in my imagination. No I do not want to kill someone, although strangely I have wants to do so, then I let it out on pictures. I wasn't trying to send any message to that person but it was something to let my feelings out.

The story behind the photo shoot is about an innocent looking girl who turns out that she carries anger in her which makes her a psycho murderer.The story is kind of blurry because there is not much story about it :P so basically she changed and for some reason she has been bitten by some sort of sadistic fanged 'thing'.

There is another album of someone else's that may be the same although in these photos, I wanted it to be different that the other one and seem better and it did come out better because of the brutal scene of make up (3 finger scratches, bites on breast and blood spreading half of the neck).

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