Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Fashion Changes... Style is FOREVER!

I've been growing up with someone who has always been a fashionable person!
My style has always been girly, no matter what fashion trend is on, I still want to make a statement of my own of what I am!

I wasn't really chain boots lover, haha scratch that I never even liked chain or boots, but this time I put both words together and I'm in love with it! The heels may be thick but it is still very high - 10 cms without platforms :O

I never liked Bangles as much as I do now, to me it was too complicated to wear and too scared if it would fall off my wrist, but now I see how pretty they are and pretty much in love with them. I still can love those huge chunky ones tho, I only like the thin ones and you put them all together into a whole loads of chunk of it! Like they say "Less is more" :)

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