Wednesday, 18 August 2010

petite doesn't mean bad! :)

I have been short for all my life and yes sometimes it sucks!
Although I can fit in everything my mum has in her closet, from top to bottom! We also have pretty much the same taste for style! :)

Here's a look of the day where most of the things I wore are my mums'

My mum and I have a petite body, I can even say we are like cats, we seem fat and/or chubby but we fit in small clothes :p
My friends even say I have her body :P

So all those things in the picture are owned by mymum except the jeans and bolero haha
but really there's not much mother and daughter who would fit in the same shoes, although I only fit some of her shoes like peep toes or open toed, I couldn't fit in her closed toe pumps or anything closed in the front, which is a little annoying sometimes because she has the nicest pumps! :(

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