Thursday, 26 August 2010

Dance for me? I'll dance on you!

I've always loved the ballerina looks! those pretty flats and frilly tutus!
what makes it better is that most tutus are high waist and since I'm the kind of person who has a body type that suits high waist skirts, well lets just say I can't get enough of pretty skirts!

~The lace ballerina~

~the ballerina bride~

I have been a ballerina when I was younger, although that wasn't something I was good at, but it didn't stop me from continuing to dance! I love dancing! dancing is my passion! dancing is part of my life!
Its a release, a touch of softness and anger, its a mix if a whole lot of emotions!
and I can do them in skirt <3

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The blues.. the jeans.. dayum!

Denims are (from what my mum said) the IT thing where I live, I don't love it but I dont hate it either, although they do look good on me! :)

Evening look
tank top by zara
pencil skirt by sisley
belt by versace
jacket by moocha
shoes by aldo

Day look
jacket by moto
skirt by rock and republic
tank top by (x)s,m,l
shoes by aldo

They truly are comfy and stylish but I still don't love them... yet :P
When I was young I've always hated denim clothings, because they were itchy and it gets too hot too wear but now I guess its oukay if I dont wear a whole bunch of them! :)

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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

petite doesn't mean bad! :)

I have been short for all my life and yes sometimes it sucks!
Although I can fit in everything my mum has in her closet, from top to bottom! We also have pretty much the same taste for style! :)

Here's a look of the day where most of the things I wore are my mums'

My mum and I have a petite body, I can even say we are like cats, we seem fat and/or chubby but we fit in small clothes :p
My friends even say I have her body :P

So all those things in the picture are owned by mymum except the jeans and bolero haha
but really there's not much mother and daughter who would fit in the same shoes, although I only fit some of her shoes like peep toes or open toed, I couldn't fit in her closed toe pumps or anything closed in the front, which is a little annoying sometimes because she has the nicest pumps! :(

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Fashion Changes... Style is FOREVER!

I've been growing up with someone who has always been a fashionable person!
My style has always been girly, no matter what fashion trend is on, I still want to make a statement of my own of what I am!

I wasn't really chain boots lover, haha scratch that I never even liked chain or boots, but this time I put both words together and I'm in love with it! The heels may be thick but it is still very high - 10 cms without platforms :O

I never liked Bangles as much as I do now, to me it was too complicated to wear and too scared if it would fall off my wrist, but now I see how pretty they are and pretty much in love with them. I still can love those huge chunky ones tho, I only like the thin ones and you put them all together into a whole loads of chunk of it! Like they say "Less is more" :)

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One Season Only!

I wore my clothes for several different reasons; whether it is comfortable to be worn or that it is the trend look.

This one below looks very sporty and vintage meets modern kinda thing. Although this trend wouldn't really last long, which means it's only a one season look thing! Also this particular look wouldn't suit many occasions, the one occasion I could think of that would suit is dance battle, because it is very urban and street! So I wouldn't wear it too many times even though it looks pretty awesome! :P

This next look is also another one-season-only look, that big/butterfly arms/huge looking shirts or tshirts. I have to say if the knitting (quality) is good, then when worn it would look good, unfortunately not all body types can suit this kind of look, before you buy something like this you really need to try it on and see whether it looks good on you or not, otherwise it'd be a waste!
This kind of tops can be worn with anything; high waist belt, highwaist skirt/shorts/pants, hipster belt or normal hipster shorts/skirts. Again it depends of the look of the top!

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Sunday, 8 August 2010

BALI... is love

Bali trips has always been a different experience each time I come around there.
Round 4 was certainly another great Bali fun! :D
Everyone has their own wants and/or needs when they visit Bali, well I got my own list of what Bali is to me!

1. the Beach
OF COURSE! who wouldn't!
beaches thats filled with hot caucasian guys running and surfing, catching on each others eyes, stare and then look away when they caught the look! Although its not only the guys, its all about the waves, the wind, learning to surf - yes I have finally learnt to surf and it was AWESOME!

2. temporary tattoos
everytime I come down to double6 beach the thing that I love the most is that the seats are cheap unlike kuta beach :( and the sand are much softer than kuta and they have the cheapest offering for tattoos! hahah well I can't resist them, I love tattoos, and its holidays so it doesnt hurt to get one or two hahah :P
everytime I come to Bali I always try to have one that i've never had before.

3. shops/shopping!
well I love those bali dresses and how some shops in bali are not sale or not available in jtown, but ofcourse we still love those huge mirrors in the changing room with good lightings for pictures, unfortunately not all clothes can be bought coz I was broke lol

4. yummy food and exotic drinks!
when I go to Bali my stomach has its own needs, melted chocolate soufflé, spaghetti vongole, black bitch (a non alcohol version of mojito).
these are the best 3 things that I love about Bali, all off them are from Rosso Vivo - well you can get them all in other places except black bitch :P

5. night life!
well bounty may have cage and cheaper things, but nothing beats SKY GARDEN/OCEAN BEACH CLUB!
they are heaven! it is a literally VIP club, the owner doesnt allow much locals in, and well lets just say I have connections to the club ;) they got good music, good space and GREAT alcohols! hahah

pictures are a must in Bali! pictures with all your clothes, wherever you are and whenever!
make stupid face! funny faces! modely faces! :P
and what should you wear when you take pictures especially at the beach? SUNNIES! sunnies that will make the flash of the camera and the sun collides together! :D

7. last but not least FUN!
not just Bali, any traveling to any places are so much better when you take your close friend(s), it makes it more fun and memories by the end of the trip would be priceless!

So, basically in the end, even though you don't have all those 6 of the list, the most important is numero 7!
because nothing beats the fun of having your friends with you! and so far, out of the 4 rounds of bali trip with friends, these two girls are the funnest ive been with while in Bali...
we were single while at it and LOVING IT!