Friday, 9 July 2010

the comeback

Few years ago I met someone who I thought was the most mature guy I've ever met. He was always always there when another person hurts me, but he didn't seem true or will be faithful.
After several times of the same mistake over and over again few months ago it was finally over and we haven't talked since.
Recently that person gave me a message that's says "i wanna meet you.i think of you all the time and i know i messed up..its just that i cant get you out of my head."
I'm not a bitch who doesn't forgive, but I'm definitely the girl who doesn't want to make the same mistake. This kind of thing happened with another person long time ago and I was the one who ended up getting hurt.
Although everyone in this world is different but after what I've been through with a whole bunch of guys, they have all acted the same way!
Even though the approach is different what would make this one different than the others?

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