Saturday, 17 July 2010

Summer without love? NO PROBLEM! :D

I went to pim with my very good friend K.C for the second time, and it was awesome! 
1st of all its summer and I feel the summer style so this I put on one of my fave summer dress for the hangout!

That day was really fun! We went looking at shops, which we didnt do on the previous hangout and we watched Despicable Me on 3D :D

I didn't watch eclipse because I didnt really want to, its summer, i know, it means its the time where you look for summer love or summer fling. well to me those things really doesnt matter anymore, what matters to me is the fun i have on this summer :)
and i did, I may not go out as much as always on every summer holidays but when I do it is really great, both day and night.

This got me thinking about love and summer, I was meant to dedicate this to someone I used to love but I didnt, I thought I'd be bored to death, and to be honest i'm glad that it didnt happen because now i got more friends and it is so much more fun! :)

I dont need a boy to make my day! 
all I need is my friends! :)

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