Saturday, 17 July 2010

So, whats wrong with having more guys friends?!

Friday night always have been a night where I hangout with girls, but that was a year or 2 years ago. Most of the girls who I can trust to go out with me are either gone from Jkt or they are not the kind of girls who goes out on friday nights.
All my life I have mixed gender friends, not just friends but great friends who I can trust, since I was in junior high i've always been hangout with guys more than girls, actually to be honest I have more good friends that are guys than girls.

well since I was about to hangout with guys so I decided to put on black and grey, but I style it up with my guess studded stilettos! :D

Fine, call me a slut! but im not! I don't click to most girls because either their personality doesn't click or the conversation that they make is too boring FOR ME!

So friday night I was with NZIS guys, and it was AWESOME! they are so cool and fun to be with, because all they do is joke around rather than gossiping n making rumours :S
that night it made me realize how much I love having guy friends but it doesn't mean i don't have girlfriends! so I remembered how in BIS I used to have more guy friends than girls in my gang, apparently there were atleast 20 in the gang, 4 girls were my close friends, 7 guys were my close friends and the rest are normal friends. 

Now a days I heard from some people how they judge a girl from hanging out with more guys than girls! oukay so maybe she is flirtier than me, I don't flirt to any guys unless I have interest on them (which does not happen often) or the guy is my boyfriend, but does that makes it fair to judge her just because she does those things? to think about it no one doesn't even know her.

after hanging out with these guys I thought that summer can be fun without love, I dont need one boy or a man to complete me, I complete myself happily!

then again if there is someone in the future, well lets just see if we're meant to be, if not then it means its either we're just better off as friends or that the guy is a complete *ss h*l* :D 

I mean seriously, so if these people see me with my guy friends, I suppose they'll think i'm a slut as well?!?!?!
well All I know it just means that these people have got no cool friends like I do! :D

Another thing that makes me annoyed is that if anyone sees me hanging out with one guy and it seems that we are having fun, why does some people just have a thought that we're dating? so if I Hangout with a guy i'm dating them? how guys would I be dating then if that is the case?
really, some people need to get a grip and think twice before they make an assumption! :S

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