Monday, 5 July 2010

My monday Blues! p2 - It wasn't so Blue!

Today I met one of my highschool friend, K.C and it was great because we catched up  ALOT and we basically sat and talk and talk and talk and what was funny that we saw LOADS of BISs students and teacher! o.0 lol but it was alright! 
The hangout went really great! she seemed happy and we are planning to see eachother again when we have the time, meaning soon! because once I have my ID, I WILL learn to drive and go to her place on my own! :D 
She has looonggg time until her uni so while waiting i'm going to meet up with her when my uni starts, then again her house is in between of my house and my uni so its great to know that! :D
It was great knowing how she hasn't changed her funky, cute and bubbly self. I love how she screams at something when its funny and the world can hear it HAHA! She is one of the coolest girl I know and there weren't any silent moment, it was actually hard to make silent moment with her because kept on talking and talking about stuff, from A to Z! you name it hahahaaa

just before she left we had a photobox! :)

So My monday blues were blue because she was wearing... hey I just realized she was wearing blue and I was too! hahah that rhymes! :P
and it wasn't so blue too because we were having fun :)
well I enjoyed that and hopefully she did as well! 

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