Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Monday blues? more like MONDAY FUN! :)

I never knew monday can be so awesome with these guys. (unfortunately the photo is not of that day, its from another day but basically these are the people I was with and with some others lol)
Friends are not the matter of age, race, schools or even who introduced you to them. These guys are not in the same school, not the same age and not the same race but they are definitely few of the AWESOMEST people i've met!
The picture from above was about a month ago at SENCY, few days after some shit happened to me, that weekend these guys made me feel so much better than ever! :)

On yesterday on monday me and some of the people from the picture went to CITOS for billiards and after it we decided to watch karate kid which was really fun because we all made some scene at the front row haha XD
the movie was awesome and the moment was unforgettable!

monday blues turned into funday! and what was even better is that it just made my week great - well starting from the last friday hangout with my old best friend! :P

At first I didn't want to watch a movie because I didn't want to waste my money but I felt that it would be fun and these guys are awesome! and no money can buy these kind of moments and friendship anyway! :)

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