Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Mommy is the best!

Today I was searching through my moms closet just to see whether I find anything that I like and fits me, so I did-ish :)

Leopard Lover!
Well what can I say I love the leopard print :P although what i'm wearing here aren't my mums although she bought it for me! :)

Nothing combines better than black and white! Both colors are very calm and subtle, accessorizing it was the best way to make a usual look from blending in to crowds attention! :)
The skirt is my mums haha, it's not supposed to be high waist but I made it so with the belt so it stayed and looked like it's High waist :)

"I ain't a doll"
well it's hard to say this doesn't look dolly, yes I love the things that makes me dolly because I guess my face just completes it, the bad thing about having dolly face is that it's hard to get in into clubs :P
Again, this dress and belt were bought by mymum :) she knows her daughter's style, DUH her style is my style!

So yes My mum has the same style as I do and her skirt size is only 2 numbers different than mine only because I have bigger bottocks -.- 
and her feet size is only half difference, that's why I can fit into her shoes that are open toed or Peep toed ones :)

So that's todays style, more tomorrow! 
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