Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Pant! Pant! Pant! - Pink and Pants!

Well we all have both guy friends and girl friends, they're both cool! although sometimes for me, I do want to be the center of attention but in a good way, meaning that I don't want to look TOO flashy ofcourse! 
On monday I was hanging out with my NZIS friends, I thought that I didn't want to look too girly but I do want to seem like I have fashion sense! 

So that was my look of the day! 
I still remember when I used to be much more goth and tomboy than this! I used to hate wearing skirts because I think they are too short and just too skanky and it's not my style! and then there was a time back about 7 years ago, I started to HATE trousers and fell in love with skirts, I never worn trousers for so long unless it was P.E, which was different lol.
Then about a year or more ago I started wearing trousers again thinking that it actually looks good on me ahahhaha, my friends also said so and so shocked when I wore trousers on mufti day (day when we dont have to wear uniforms).

I also used to hate the color PINK! hahahaha nobody believed me when I say that because I love pink now! same like the trousers problem, I used to hate pink till 7 years ago and then I forgot what came over me and then I started loving pink, maybe because theres HOT or SHOCKING pink because I don't really like baby pink or light pink or wtv they're called! lol

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