Tuesday, 22 June 2010

I take it back! lol

So I was raiding my entire closet and found bunch of good stuff and they fit haha coz they're mostly tops that I bought what? 10 to 5 years ago and I CANNOT believe they still fit me!
What's even cooler is that the stuff that I found are the stuff i've been wanting the whole time! well that saves up alot of money :)
Actually I was trying to remember what other stuff I used to have when I wasn't into fashion much, now I remember I used to have the clothes that I WANT NOW! :'( arghhh kill me because I put all of them in the bag because they didn't fit or suit me or my taste.

I still remember how I used to HATE leopard, I didn't like the idea of wearing heels, skinny jeans and make up and my mum used to say "It's because it's not your time to like them yet! you're not at the right age to like them, someday you will love them like I do!" - and even my dad agrees on what she said and I always say "NO! Never ever ever! i'm just going to be normal"... well guess what? I grew up and changed my taste of style and now IM IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING I USED TO HATE SO MUCH! hahaha and whenever I say I love (one of the things I said to my mum that I hated) to my mum, she would have the questioned face and I would be "Hey you used to say I will love them when I grow up! guess what! I've grown up! haha and besides like mother like daughter! you love them, I must love them aswell!" haha my mum always cracks up everytime I say that because the fact that she did say that and now its backfired to her! lol

I also still remember how I never liked skinny jeans because they are itchy and uncomfy but now knowing it looks good on me, so now I understand why skinnies are AWESOME!

All these tops are very old! They are casual and cute especially with the skinny jeans!
It makes me look tall too! XD

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